Prior to her big break with Suzie Wong, Nancy Kwan trained extensively in dance in England, and earned a teaching certificate in ballet. She then joined the Royal Ballet in London, where she performed in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. Although she hung up her ballet slippers when she was discovered by Hollywood, she put her dance skills to good use in many of her films. Here is a list of her best dance numbers.

"I Enjoy Being a Girl" Flower Drum Song
The lovely Linda Low has just made plans for a date with her new boyfriend Wang Ta. She whirls and twirls in front of a three-way mirror, wearing her baby-doll nightie, and singing of the many advantages of being a very female female. Then each of her mirror reflections performs a solo while she watches with curiosity. Each reflection reappears in a different costume, and she finishes joyfully singing four part harmony with herself.
"Kaluga" Honeymoon Hotel
Lynn Genley has just discovered that Ross Kingsley has been playing her for a fool, making her the victim of his standard bachelor pick-up tricks. She concocts a scheme for revenge, for which she must convince Ross's friend Jay Menlow to appear at her place to ruin Ross's planned date. She seduces Jay with the wild Kaluga dance, waving palm fronds and shaking her head and hips, and finishing with a balletic leap into Jay's arms.
"Grant Avenue" Flower Drum Song
It's Chinese New Year, and the Wang family is watching the New Year's parade. Linda Low lights up the streets of San Francisco, leading a dozen other Chinatown dancers in this jazzy Broadway-style number. Choreographed by Hermes Pan.
"The Main Attraction" The Main Attraction
While a band plays the title song, circus performer Tessa Faro spins and does flips, wearing a gold sequined outfit, in a very athletic and balletic dance number. Later Tessa reprises her act, with Eddie Phillips singing. She displays considerable equestrian skills, mounting and dismounting from moving horses, and parading round the ring. She then catapults happily into Eddie's arms.
"Mambo at the Nam Kok" The World of Suzie Wong
Everyone's favorite bar girl Suzie Wong dances up a storm with a sailor in the Nam Kok hotel. Meanwhile, Robert Lomax and Ben give her appreciative head to toe glances.
"Fan Tan Fannie" Flower Drum Song
Linda Low is the star singer at the Celestial Gardens nightclub. She leads a half dozen Chinese showgirls through this song-and-dance number, while winking affectionately at the nightclub owner Sammy Fong. When later she reprises her act, Linda bumps and grinds away with increasing exuberance until she discovers to her great surprise the conservative Wang family is in the audience. She finishes her dance coyly hiding her face while the dismayed Wangs file out of the nightclub.
"Go Go dance" Hawaii Five-0: The Cocoon
Five-0 head Steve McGarrett has arranged a nightime rendezvous with Rosemary Quong on the beach. Rosemary hears some go-go music, and does a little spontaneous dance for McGarrett. Then Hawaii's number one cop starts putting the moves on Ms. Quong.
"Marriage dance" Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN
Lt. Robin Crusoe has just saved island girl Wednesday from the schemes of her wicked father. She does a fast hula-style dance, to the sound of bongos, with one lei around both their necks, seemingly just to show her appreciation. Then, when he realizes that it is actually a marriage dance, the already engaged Lt. Crusoe incomprehensibly breaks off the dance and the marriage.
"You be the Rock, I'll be the Roll" Flower Drum Song
Just a few moments of this lively rock-and-roll dance between Linda and the younger son Wang San is enough to convince Old Master Wang that although she is wearing the traditional Chinese cheongsam, Linda is too Americanized for his elder son Wang Ta.
"Kitchen dance" Mr. P.'s Dancing Sushi Bar
Mitsuko is a middle aged Japanse woman stuck in a lackluster marriage. It seems that her husband has been negligent in his bedroom duties as a husband, but that particular night Mitsuko is quite intent to correct the situation. The next morning, while doing the dishes, Mitsuko whistles contently and swings her hips, humorously indicating that she elicited a successful performance from him the night before.