Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Drama/Martial Arts 1993
This is the story of the legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee, as told from the perspective of his widow, Linda Lee Caldwell. Bruce Lee(Jason Scott Lee) is born in the US but grows up in Hong Kong, where he practices his martial arts skills from an early age. He returns to America to find his fortune in Hollywood. Life is not easy for him in the U.S.-- he starts by working in a Chinese restaurant-- but he manages to found a martial arts school teaching his own Jeet Kune Do technique. He meets and falls in love with Linda Emery(Lauren Holly), his future wife. With the help of producer Bill Krieger(Robert Wagner), he finds a good TV role as the Green Hornet's sidekick Kato. However, Bruce is haunted by personal demons that come to him in his dreams, and he runs up against prejudice that nearly ruins his marriage and stymies his career. Finding Hollywood's doors still largely closed to him, he returns to his native Hong Kong. There he finally finds success with his role in Enter the Dragon, on the eve of his untimely death. Jason Scott Lee(no relation) captures the spirit of the late Bruce Lee, and does great in all the well-choreographed fight scenes. Nancy Kwan plays the tough-talking but soft-hearted restaurant owner Gussie Yang who changes Bruce's direction in life from washing dishes to attending college and eventual stardom. Since Nancy Kwan knew the Lees well from Hong Kong, this film role takes on a special significance for her. Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story acquired an unexpected tragic aura when Bruce Lee's real life son Brandon died while the film was still in production.
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