Fortress in the Sun Action 1978
Maria(Nancy Kwan) is an idealistic, American-educated woman who is returning home to her father's hacienda in the Phillipines. Her father(Fred Galang) is a cruel tyrant of a landowner, who drives his workers to the point of exhaustion and beats them when they falter. Much to the disappointment of her father, she reaches out to the peasant laborers, teaching their children and caring for their sick and injured. When her father goes too far, and his repression sparks rebellion, Maria must choose between her father and her affection for the peasant leader, an undercover lawman by the name of Tony(Tony Ferrer). Of the Phillipines productions Nancy Kwan starred in during the 1970's, Fortress in the Sun is one of the better ones. The film has colorful local photography, good fight scenes, and a decent plot. Nancy Kwan's leading role as the independent-minded Maria is a sympathetic and likeable one.
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