Hawaii Five-0, The Cocoon Action/Police(TV) 1968
This is the pilot movie that launched the popular Hawaii Five-0 television series, whose run would end up spanning three decades. Steve McGarrett(Jack Lord) is the head of a powerful independent investigative force in the Hawaiian police, a man who only takes orders from the governor and God. An old friend of McGarrett's who was a CIA operative is found dead on the beach, and the local CIA head Brent(Leslie Neilson) seems interested in keeping the circumstances of his death a mystery. Solving the mystery hinges upon finding Rosemary Quong(Nancy Kwan), the dead man's hippie girlfriend and the last person to see him alive. Her testimony leads McGarrett on a bizarre trail of international espionage, brain-washing and betrayal to the Red Chinese masterspy Wo Fat(Khigh Dhiegh). A fast moving police thriller with a strong spy element, The Cocoon is a good introduction to the Hawaii Five-0 television series. All the filming was done in Hawaii. Jack Lord created the role of the legendary cop Steve McGarrett: tough, honest, and courageous. Khigh Dhiegh scores as McGarrent's intelligent but dangerous nemesis. Nancy Kwan is quite entertaining as McGarrett's love interest.
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