Honeymoon Hotel Romantic Comedy 1964
Honeymoon Hotel is a tale of two bachelors living in New York. One of them, Ross(Robert Goulet), is determined to continue enjoying single life; the other, Jay(Robert Morse) is due to be shortly married. However, when the marriage ceremony falls apart, the two bachelors decide to use the honeymoon tickets anyway, and check into a romantic Carribean resort. Unfortunately, they discover the hotel is for married couples only, without a single woman guest in the place. Ross is intent on returning to New York until he spots the hotel's (unmarried) social director Lynn(Nancy Kwan) giving lessons poolside; now he is suddenly just as intent on staying. Complications arise when Ross's boss Sampson and his ditzy secretary Sherry(Jill St. John) check in, followed by Sampson's wife and Jay's fiancee. Funny guy Goulet and straight man Morse click as a comic team in this film. Nancy Kwan (in another non-Asian role) has some nice comic moments herself as the woman who cures Goulet's character of his philandering ways, as well as one of the wildest dance numbers of her career.
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