As a leading actress in Hollywood, Nancy Kwan had the good fortune of starring with many talented leading men during her career. Click on each actor's name to see his filmography. A symbol next to an actor's name indicates he was romantically paired with Nancy Kwan on the screen.

Pat Boone The Main Attraction
Pat Boone was a popular singer during the fifties and sixties, who then ventured into acting. He projected a very clean cut image, largely reflecting his personality in real life. He took the role of a no-good American drifter who pursues Nancy Kwan's character in The Main Attraction. Nevertheless, his fundamental wholesome character still shows through.
Pierce Brosnan Noble House
Pierce Brosnan is best known as the latest incarnation of the classic British secret agent James Bond. In the TV movie Noble House, he was the Tai Pan (leader) of a powerful commercial and trading house in Hong Kong. He had a sharp-tongued Eurasian secretary played by Nancy Kwan.
David Carradine The McMasters, Kung Fu, Night Children
The son of actor John Carradine, David Carradine is best remembered for originating the role of Kwai Chang Caine on the popular TV series Kung Fu. He has starred in over one hundred films, the most notable of which may be his well received portrayal of Woody Guthrie in the biopic Bound for Glory. He was featured opposite Nancy Kwan in three of her films. He played her brother, an American Indian, in the western The McMasters. As the reclusive monk Caine he falls for Nancy Kwan the worldly imperial Chinese consort in Kung Fu: The Cenotaph. In Night Children he portrays a tough cop who is married to a probation officer played Nancy Kwan. In addition, David Carradine and Nancy Kwan appeared on stage together in the two-person romantic drama Love Letters.
Tony Curtis Arrivederci, Baby
Bronx-born Tony Curtis achieved acting success in a variety of roles during the fifties, including Houdini, Trapeze, Operation Petticoat, and most memorably Some Like It Hot. During the sixties he starred in a number of light comedies, including Arrivederci, Baby, where he plays a modern-day Bluebeard. His girlfriend, played by Nancy Kwan, becomes wise to his ways.
Glenn Ford Fate is the Hunter
Glenn Ford shot to fame with his leading role in the classic film noir Gilda, and became one of the most popular leading men of the forties and fifties, often playing a likeable everyday hero. Some of his better known films include The Big Heat, The Blackboard Jungle, and 3:10 To Yuma. In Fate is the Hunter, he plays an airline executive determined to clear his best friends name; his search for the truth leads him to his friend's girlfriend, played by Nancy Kwan.
Robert Forster Walking the Edge
Robert Forster first appeared promisingly in films in the sixties, but his career tapered off in the seventies. In the eighties he had good roles in many small films, and recently he has bounced back with an Oscar nomination for his performance in Jackie Brown. In the the independent production Walking the Edge, he is a tough cabbie and a struggling bookie, who finds both love and danger when he meets a gun-toting housewife Nancy Kwan, seeking revenge for the murder of her husband.
Robert Goulet Honeymoon Hotel
Robert Goulet, a handsome baritone, got his start as a singer and achieved popularity for his performances on Broadway, including his leading role in Camelot in the sixties. His first screen appearance was in the comedy Honeymoon Hotel, where he plays a swinging New York bachelor who falls for Nancy Kwan's character.
William Holden The World of Suzie Wong
An Academy Award winner, William Holden was a legendary leading man, popular throughout his career in the forties, fifties, and sixties, and seventies. Nancy Kwan once described him as being "both a ladies man and a man's man". He starred as the American artist Robert Lomax who first takes Nancy Kwan under his wing in her first film. Some of his other excellent films include Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, The Wild Bunch, and Network.
Bob Hope Bob Hope Christmas Special
Perhaps the most popular and most honored entertainer of the twentieth century, Bob Hope's career began in vaudeville in the 1920's, and carried him onto success in Broadway, radio, film, and television. The legendary American comedian entertained US troops overseas during World War II, the Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf war, and performed for eleven presidents. During his sixty plus years under contract with NBC, he produced many television comedy specials featuring the top stars of the day. He invited Nancy Kwan to his show in 1961.
Chun Hsiang Ko Spring Comes Not Again
A popular Taiwanese actor, Chun Hsiang Ko has starred in over 20 Chinese language films in the seventies and eighties, but never appeared in English language cinema. He plays Nancy Kwan's love interest in Spring Comes Not Again.
Bruce Lee The Wrecking Crew
Bruce Lee, the international martial arts legend, was born in California, but grew up in Hong Kong. He achieved fame with his role in Enter the Dragon before is untimely passing at age 32. Although Bruce Lee never appeared on the screen together with Nancy Kwan, he choreographed her fight scenes in the James Bond sendup The Wrecking Crew. Later she would star in his biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.
Jason Scott Lee Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Although no relation to the late Bruce Lee, Jason Scott Lee recreates his persona very effectively in the martial arts biopic Dragon: Bruce Lee Story. He has several good scenes with Nancy Kwan.
Jack Lord Hawaii Five-O
Even though he appeared in many films in the fifties and sixties, including a supporting role in the James Bond film Dr. No, Jack Lord will always be best remembered for portraying top cop Steve McGarrett in the TV Series Hawaii Five-O. In the movie that launched television series, Nancy Kwan is the hippie college student who McGarrett takes a more than professional interest in.
Dean Martin The Wrecking Crew
A popular singer, with over one hundred recordings to his name, actor, with over fifty screen credits, and nightclub entertainer, Italian-American Dean Martin actually started out as a struggling prize fighter. He is well known for his comic pairing with Jerry Lewis in many films, and as a member of the fabled "Rat Pack." Some of his films include The Young Lions, Oceans Eleven, and Robin and the Seven Hoods. In The Wrecking Crew, he plays bumbling Secret Agent Matt Helm who tangles with bad girl spy Nancy Kwan.
Doug McClure Nobody's Perfect
Probably best remembered for his starring role in the TV series The Virginian, Doug McClure made many TV and films appearences in the sixties and seventies. His starring role in the service comedy Nobody's Perfect is as troublemaking Navy officer who competes with James Shigeta for Nancy Kwan's attention.
Leslie Nielsen Hawaii Five-O, Project: Kill, Blade in Hong Kong
Most filmgoers know Leslie Nielsen for his hilarious deadpan comic performances in Airplane! or The Naked Gun, but earlier in his career he also starred in serious roles such as Forbidden Planet and The Poseiden Adventure. In Hawaii Five-O he is a stolid CIA agent who clashes with Steve McGarret. In Project: Kill, he is a secret agent on the run who falls for Nancy Kwan's character. The two stars were reunited in the TV film Blade in Hong Kong; Leslie Neilsen is a businessman with criminal connections, that Nancy Kwan is unhappily married to.
Jack Palance The McMasters
An experienced actor, with a slightly menacing look, Jack Palance starred in many films during the fifties and sixties, and was well suited to play in westerns, such as the classic Shane and more recently his Oscar winning role City Slickers. In the western The McMasters, he plays a vengeful ex-Confederate who won't accept that the Civil War is over.
Donald Pleasence Night Creature
Prolific British actor who is best remembered for his roles in the 007 film You Only Live Twice, The Great Escape, Halloween, and Escape from New York. He starred as Nancy Kwan's father, a retired game hunter stalked by a huge deadly cat, in the action movie Night Creature.
Omar Sharif Keys to Freedom
Egyptian-born Omar Sharif is best known for his starring roles in the classic sixties films Lawrence of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago. He is also a world-class Bridge player and a frequent visitor to the tables in Monte Carlo. Nancy Kwan co-stars with him in Keys To Freedom, a story about dealing in illegal passports in Hong Kong, prior to the Chinese takeover in 1997.
James Shigeta Flower Drum Song, Nobody's Perfect
Hawaiian-born James Shigeta was a singer with several minor screen credits to his name prior to his big hit in Flower Drum Song, where he plays the Chinese-American student who Nancy Kwan's character plays romantic cat-and-mouse with. Later in the sixties, the two stars were reunited in the comedy film Nobody's Perfect, where James Shigeta plays a Japanese man who was betrothed to Nancy Kwan's Japanese-American character as a child. A rare example of a successful Asian-American male romantic star, some of James Shigeta's other good films include Bridge to the Sun, Midway, and a voice part in Mulan.
Jack Soo Flower Drum Song
A Japanese-American comedian, Jack Soo starred in the Broadway production of Flower Drum Song. In the film version, he plays a likeably rakish Chinese-American nightclub owner with a more than just business relationship in his star entertainer, played by Nancy Kwan. He went on to TV stardom in the seventies as a police detective in the comedy Barney Miller.
Robert Stack The Corrupt Ones
Robert Stack, a popular Hollywood actor in the forties and fifties, became a household name for his portrayal of the tough Prohibition-era cop Eliot Ness in the TV series The Untouchables. He also may be recognized as the current host of the TV series Unsolved Mysteries. In the action thriller The Corrupt Ones, he plays an American photographer in Macau who tangles with Nancy Kwan's character as they both hunt for a secret hoard of buried Chinese treasure.
Rod Taylor Fate is the Hunter
Handsome, rugged Australian Rod Taylor became a popular Hollywood actor with such films as The Time Machine, The Birds, and Sunday in New York. In Fate Is The Hunter, he plays a raffish but likeable airline pilot whose relationship with ichthyologist Nancy Kwan begins when she spoils his fishing expedition.
Terry-Thomas The Wild Affair
A popular British comedian, Terry-Thomas's trademark look was the big gap between his two front teeth. American audiences came to know him for his amusing and stereotypically British roles in films such as It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. In the comedy The Wild Affair, Terry-Thomas plays the boss whose interest in Nancy Kwan extends well outside the boundaries of the office.
Dick Van Dyke Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN
A very likeable actor with a good sense of humor, Dick Van Dyke became popular in the sixties with his TV sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show and the hit Disney musical Mary Poppins. He returned to Disney to make the film Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN, the story of a modern-day Crusoe, marooned on an south Pacific island, with only a beautiful island girl (played by Nancy Kwan) and a chimpanzee for company.
Adam West The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Despite many film credits to his name, Adam West will always be known as Batman, the Caped Crusader who battled arch-criminals in the famous comedy/action TV series in the sixties. In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, he is a detective who uncovers a Communist plot to infiltrate organized crime, Nancy Kwan being the "Girl" who holds the keys to the puzzle.
Michael Wilding The World of Suzie Wong
Popular British film star of the forties and fifties, Michael Wilding is best remembered today as being the husband of actress Elizabeth Taylor. His role in The World of Suzie Wong is that of a rich British businessman who competes with the struggling American artist William Holden for Suzie Wong's affections.