Here are a collection of webpages, some of them dedicated to Nancy Kwan, and others dedicated to Asian American actors and performances in general. Click on each page title to visit that external page.
Suzie Wong Revisited
Wonderful interview with Nancy Kwan, by Asian journalist HY Nahm. Originally skeptical of the "Suzie Wong" girl, he is eventually won over by Nancy Kwan's charm. Written for the Asian American media site
Hiroshi Takahashi's Nancy Kwan page
Nice page dedicated to Nancy Kwan, created by a Japanese movie buff, with commentary, list of films and several photos. He has also has a Japanese language version, with a review of The World of Suzie Wong. Visit his homepage to see other famous Hollywood actresses as well.
The New World of Nancy Kwan
A 1993 interview with Nancy Kwan, where she discusses her role in the stage drama Arthur and Leila, and other aspects of her career. Written for the San Francisco Chronicle.
Flower Drum Song: From Stage to Screen
Well produced site about the Rodgers and Hammerstein hit that was one of Nancy Kwan's best films. Contains a full cast listing, a detailed plot synopsis, and interesting comparisons of the film version with the original Broadway stage version. Also has nice MIDI music files of several songs from the show. Learn about other movie musicals by visiting the homepage.
Roy Tan's Hollywood Gallery
Roy Tan is a professional photographer who was born in Hong Kong but currently resides in London. In addition to working with contemporary celebrities, he shows his affection for classic films with his digital illustrations. His tribute to Nancy Kwan is available for purchase; Roy has generously agreed to donate the proceeds to Nancy Kwan's Star project.
Nancy Kwan's interview at
Nancy Kwan talks about the recent screenings of Flower Drum Song, her performance as Linda Low, and the limited number of roles for Asians in American film both then and now.
Nancy Kwan's Hong Kong Story
Nancy Kwan encourages us to explore Hong Kong's culture and heritage at the Museum of History. Part of the Hong Kong -- City of Life tourism campaign, the site features Nancy's wonderful two minute video tour of the island.
Nancy Kwan at
EurasianNation is an online magazine for people of mixed European and Asian descent, that features topical articles, celebrity profiles, and a forum for discussion. The site spotlights Nancy Kwan, with a brief biography and three photos.'s profile of Nancy Kwan
YellowBridge is a guide to Chinese culture and entertainment with a Chinese American perspective. In addition to covering current events, the site has extensive reviews of Chinese literature and excellent online Chinese-language tools. YellowBridge also features a good list of successful Chinese-Americans in all fields of endeavour. Nancy Kwan is highlighted under the Famous Chinese-American Actors page.
Anna May Wong: Frosted Yellow Willows
Nancy Kwan will narrate the biographical documentary Anna May Wong: Frosted Yellow Willows, which highlights the life and career of the famous early Chinese American actress, known for such classic films as The Thief of Bagdad, Piccadilly, and Shanghai Express. The documentary is produced by independent filmmaker and researcher Elaine Mae Woo, and is scheduled for release in 2005.