Mr. P.'s Dancing Sushi Bar Romantic Drama 1998
Mr. P's Dancing Sushi Bar
Mr. P's Dancing Sushi Bar is an unusual film, an anti-war story and also a love story. Bruce(Frank McRae), a black sushi chef, who is also a Vietnam war vet, is married to Mitsuko(Nancy Kwan), a Japanese-American woman he met at an anti-war protest. He is fired by the Japanese sushi restaurant he works in, so he and his wife decide to open their own sushi bar in Santa Monica. The sushi bar is a big success, but there are still troubles: she is distraught over her ex-husband and son she has not seen in years, and he is haunted by his horrible memories of Vietnam. With their marriage on the rocks, the two shut down the restaurant, and split to go their separate ways. Bruce returns to Vietnam to face his nightmares there. Nevertheless, they continue to write each other, and she follows him to Vietnam in an attempt to find again the love that they have lost. This film premiered successfully at the Sundance film festival but unfortunately has not made it into widespread distribution. Nancy Kwan delivers a good dramatic performance as Mitsuko. Her wonderful voice over narration creates sense of versimilitude that is one of the strong points of the film.
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