As an early Asian-American celebrity, Nancy Kwan often found herself in the press. Readers should realize that Ms. Kwan could not control what was written in these press accounts, and that sometimes "her" words are really those of her Hollywood publicity agents. However, at other times her own personality does shine through. Click on a link to read an article about Nancy Kwan. All articles are copyrighted by their original publishers, and may not be used without proper attribution.

TIME magazine 11 April 1960
Time was the first major publication to introduce Nancy Kwan to the American public, giving her the sensational "glamour treatment" that transforms a young woman into a Hollywood star.
Milky Way magazine(excerpt) July 1960
Nancy Kwan's winning the role of Suzie Wong was received with great enthusiasm by the local Hong Kong press. Here the Chinese-language movie magazine Milky Way describes her meeting with Dong Kingman, a famous Chinese-American artist involved with creating paintings for the film.
Cosmopolitan November 1962
Nancy Kwan was interviewed in the popular women's magazine Cosmopolitan, shortly after she shot The Main Attraction.
Sorry I Kept You Waiting, Madam by Vidal Sassoon (excerpt) 1963
Vidal Sassoon, the avant-guard Mod hairstylist of the sixties, describes his personal impressions of Nancy Kwan as he created the famous Kwan Cut.
The Wall Street Journal 4 June 1990
A wonderful candid contemporary interview with Nancy Kwan by an admiring journalist.
Rafu Shimpo 22 October 2004
The Los Angeles Japanese-American newspaper Rafu Shimpo interviewed Nancy Kwan and James Shigeta, on the eve of their reunion performance of A.R. Gurney's "Love Letters".