Ray of Sunshine Drama 2006
Ray of Sunshine
Rachael(Cheyenne Rushing) is a beautiful young aspiring pianist, who has run away from home. Through flashbacks, it is revealed that Rachael was abandoned by her father, and her mother was murdered. Arriving in Los Angeles without money or a place to stay, she is taken in by a kindly old gentleman nicknamed The Count(Curt Lowens), who plays piano in a run down jazz club in Los Angeles. A friendship grows between them, founded upon their mutual love of music. When the murderer follows Rachael to LA, Lilly(Nancy Kwan), the owner of the jazz club helps to conceal her whereabouts. Yet Lilly is also concealing a secret, a secret that binds Rachael, the Count, and her together. The story follows a deliberate pace, slowly unfolding the plot and revealing more about the characters. One common theme running through the movie is the loss of a loved one(a mother, a father, a child, or a spouse), and how each individual learns to cope with the loss. Nevertheless, the tone of the picture is an uplifting one. Music plays an important part in setting the mood of the film, from the jazz numbers, the Chopin pieces, to the haunting original "Rachael's waltz". Curt Lowens, a veteran character actor, creates a memorable role, as does young upcoming actress Cheyenne Rushing. Nancy Kwan delivers a strong dramatic performance, and has a wonderful dance number toward the end of the film. Look for a cameo appearance by director Norbert Meisel in the final scene.
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