Please help Nancy Kwan get her Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Located on the sidewalks in the heart of Hollywood, the Walk of Fame pays tribute to the performers from the silent film era to today who have made a lasting contribution to show business. The Walk of Fame encompasses five acres of bronze stars embedded in pink terrazzo and surrounded by charcoal terrazzo squares. Inside each star is the bronze-engraved name of each artist and a distinctive emblem identifying in which of the five categories-- Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, Recording, or Live Theatre-- the recipient has been honored. The criteria for receiving a star consist of both professional achievement and contributions to the community. Nominees are selected by the Walk of Fame Committee, and must be approved by both the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Angeles. The unveiling of a new star is always done with the honoree in person, attended by fans, the media, and often other celebrities.

Asian actors have long had a difficult time in Hollywood. Indeed, of the more than two thousand stars on the Walk of Fame, only seven honor Asian-American performers: Philip Ahn(1905-1978), Sessue Hayakawa(1889-1973), Bruce Lee(1940-1973), Key Luke(1904-1991), Mako(1933-), George Takei(1940-), and Anna May Wong(1905-1961). As the most successful Asian actress of her generation, who starred with more than twenty other Walk-of-Famers during her film career, Nancy Kwan certainly deserves to be recognized with this award. In order to be considered by the Walk of Fame Committee, we need support from her family, friends, and fans. If you'd like information on how you can help, please send an email to Thank you for your consideration.