Tamahine Romantic Comedy 1963
Tamahine(Nancy Kwan) is a beautiful Tahitian girl without a care in the world. When her father passes away, she is sent away to England to live with her uncle(Dennis Price), who is the headmaster of a stuffy old all-boys public school. Unlike the people on her South Seas island, who are warm and loving, she finds the natives of this North Sea island to be a bit frigid and repressed. Soon after arriving, however, her exotic looks and her artless ways begin to wreak havoc with both students and teachers alike. One student (John Frasier) in particular takes a more than academic interest in her. As the wise-innocent who punctures the hypocrisy of British middle-class morality, Nancy Kwan as Tamahine is naturally placed in a number of comic situations. She plays the role with a kittenish appeal that few others could match.
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