The Girl Who Knew Too Much Action 1969
Johny Cain(Adam West) is an ex soldier-of-fortune who has retired to run a restaurant. When crime kingpin Tony Grimaldi is murdered, the Syndicate hires a reluctant Cain to investigate Grimaldi's death, putting a contract on Cain's life in 72 hours as added encouragement. It turns out that Grimaldi was working with the CIA, and soon the that agency wants Cain on their team instead. The key to Grimaldi's death revolves around Revel Drue(Nancy Kwan), the girl who worked for Grimaldi and clearly knows more about his operation than she admits. The problem for Cain is that Revel is also the ex-girlfriend that left him and that he never really got over. In this film produced shortly after the Batman series ended, Adam West is a bit wooden but likeable in his role as the man who is up to his neck in trouble, but who refuses to get pushed around. Although the film suffers somewhat from a convoluted plot and from limited production values, Nancy Kwan does have good screen time and delivers an appealing performance.
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