The Last Ninja Action/Martial Arts(TV) 1983
Ken Sakura(Michael Beck) is a successful art dealer with a secret. Abandoned as a child, he was raised by a Japanese man Maturo(Mako) and his family. When Maturo's two sons die in the Korean War, he decides to teach his adopted son the ways of becoming a ninja. Upon reaching manhood, Ken adopts the persona of The Last Ninja. Using his ninjitsu skills, he dedicates his life to secretly fighting crime and defending innocents, alongside his adoptive sister Noriko(Nancy Kwan). When a group of top scientists are taken hostage in Houston, a federal agent Cosmo(John McMartin) tries to recruit Ken to contact The Last Ninja, unaware they are one and the same person. Ken a.k.a. The Last Ninja decides to lead a daring one-man raid to free the hostages. With good action sequences and an interesting plot premise, The Last Ninja was promising pilot for a television series, with Nancy Kwan in a recurring role, that unfortunately never materialized.
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