The Wrecking Crew Action/Comedy 1969
The Wrecking Crew is the fourth and final film about the super suave Secret Agent Matt Helm, a spoof of the popular "James Bond" series. Armed with the latest weapons, futuristic gadgets, and his devastating charm, Matt Helm(Dean Martin) is the match for any master criminal. When aristocratic villian Count Massimo Contini(Nigel Green) steals a train in Denmark carrying a billion dollars in gold, the integrity of the world's financial system hangs in the balance. Send in Agent Helm. Contini is aided in crime by his three lovely assistants: his calculating fiancee Linka Karensky(Elke Sommer), his loyal Chinese operative Yu Rang(Nancy Kwan), and the dangerous gypsy dancer Lola Medina(Tina Louise). Despite the importance of his mission to national security, Helm seems more interested in chasing skirts and his next martini than the missing gold. Helm is "assisted" in his efforts by the well-meaning but clumsy junior agent Freya Carlson(Sharon Tate). Full of car chases, fight scenes, and action, the film has a way-out, very sixties soundtrack and wild flower-power costumes. Dean Martin revels in his role as our besotted hero Helm, sparring with the stiff Count and crooning to each femme fatale he meets. Nancy Kwan delivers a great send-up of the "evil dragon lady" type, wearing a slinky negligee, seducing Agent Helm with one hand while she reaches for her stiletto with the other. She also has a fun karate fight scene with Sharon Tate, that was choreographed by none other than martial arts legend and fellow Hong Kong star Bruce Lee.
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