The Wild Affair Comedy 1963
The Wild Affair
Marjorie Lee(Nancy Kwan) has always been a respectable girl. She holds a respectable office job at a respectable British cosmetics company. Andy, her fiance, the only love in her life, is the kind of serious, decent, career-minded man that any respectable girl should be happy to settle down with. But it is the day of the office Christmas party, and Marjorie wonders whether somehow she has missed out on something called Life. She also wonders what is behind the facades that her co-workers wear to work: Her boss Godfrey(Terry Thomas), that upright Captain of Industry, who discretely glances at her legs. Mavis, the frumpy middle-aged secretary who seems a bit too attached to Godfrey. Monica, the Godfrey's cold and efficient personal assistant, who always knows when Godfrey's wife is out of town. Ralph, the loving husband and father-to-be, whose dark handsome eyes also seem to follow Marjorie when he thinks she isn't looking. Tiny Hearst, the always jocose middle aged man, anything but tiny, who lives alone. And Marjorie's best friend Jill, good sensible Jill. As the party progresses, bottles pop open, spirits flow, and her co-workers masks begin to come off. In the process the always respectable Marjorie Lee sheds her inhibitions to become fun-loving Sandra Lee. Based on the novel "The Last Hours of Sandra Lee", Nancy Kwan has an interesting dual role as the respectable Marjorie who is goaded by the wild Sandra, the reflection only she can see in the mirror. The film has some genuinely funny moments, usually revolving around Margie/Sandra fending off the advances of would-be suitors. But the most memorable aspect of the film is the way Nancy Kwan, smartly strolling around London with her new Vidal Sassoon haircut and sleek Mary Quant outfits, perfectly captures that very sixties "Mod" look.
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