Walking the Edge Action 1983
Christine(Nancy Kwan) is a suburban LA housewife, whose life is shattered when a gang breaks into her house and kills her husband and her son in front of her own eyes. Escaping the killers, she vows to avenge her family's murder. She meets up with Jason(Robert Forster), a down-on-his-luck cabbie, who unwittingly gets involved her revenge plans. With only each other they can trust, Jason and Christine are forced to join up as they run from both the law and the gang. A good, sometimes violent action movie, in the spirit of "Taxi Driver", that was produced on a limited budget by Norbert Meisel. Robert Forster is believable as the washed up ex-ballplayer cabdriver, who manages to put his life back together by fighting the gang and playing enforcer on his own numbers racket. As the tough, gun-toting woman who blows away her enemies with a revolver at close range, Nancy Kwan delivers a good, unusual performance that has more in common with Dirty Harry than Suzie Wong.
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